The idea of the Charity Shop is based around the many such shops which have already existed for some time in the West. Goods are donated to the shop by the local community, to be sold to help raise funds and awareness for social projects in the area.

The shop opened on 14 May 2007, with a wide range of items for sale from rattan and wooden furniture to handicrafts, paintings and bird cages. At the time of opening, already 5 local export companies had donated excess stock.

Over the coming months, more and more companies in the area will be asked to join this project in the hope that significant amounts can be raised to help the local children in need.

The first project to benefit from the results of the Charity Shop will be the Foundation's Orphanage.

After that, and as funds allow, excess income will be allocated to Street Children and Village Schooling projects. The Foundation extends many grateful thanks to all existing and future partners in this project.

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