The children at the Orphanage had been promised a day out for some time now, especially if they did well in their mid-semester exams. As the school report cards came in, it emerged that more than half of them ranked in the top 4 in their classes at school. We are all very proud of them and a day out could not be delayed any further. To join a rafting trip organized by the Solo Expats Association seemed the perfect opportunity to relax and forget about school-work for a day. So on Sunday 6 April, after an early start, we arrived after a 2 ½ hour bus journey at the river's edge, excited and ready for adventure.

The guides from Jogja Adventure Center ( http://www.jogjaadventure.com ) soon had everybody fitted out with lift jackets, helmets and paddles. We were then divided into the four teams that would battle the white water rapids of Central Java , each one headed by a prominent expatriate.

After detailed instructions the teams felt properly prepared for whatever might come. We said our goodbyes and pushed off.

For hours the teams traveled down the tropical river, fighting the wild rapids, blistering sun and torrential rain. (slight embellishment for story telling purposes – the age limit on this run was 5 years old)

At last, halfway down the river, a quick snack-stop was called for. A tropical ‘Drive Through' with fresh coconut on the menu

Once refreshed, we were soon back on the water.

No-one escaped a dunking and by the time we arrived at the finish 2 hours later, everyone was totally soaked to the skin – but very very happy having truly enjoyed a most excellent day-out.

Very many thanks to the Solo Expats Association and Jogja Adventure Center ( http://www.jogjaadventure.com ) for a very safe, professionally run and enjoyable day out. It will be a day that many of us will remember for a very long time.

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