1   Stephen Smith BA ACA

Stephen is originally from the UK. After completing a degree in Accounting & Finance, he qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1994 while working for KPMG as a Financial Consultant. At the beginning of 1996 he took a planned year off work to backpack around the world. After travelling in East Africa, India and South East Asia he first arrived in Indonesia at the end of 1996. Stephen works as Financial Director for a local manufacturing company. Now he is focussing his attention on a strong desire to give back to the country and people who have given him so much. Bringing together his Western educational background and what he has learned from living and studying in Asia, Stephen is the Founder and President of Yayasan Gunungan.

2   Ibu Muljani

Ibu Mul has over 26 years experience working in Orphanages and for most of that time was Head of the Government Orphanage in Solo City, with responsibility for approximately 50 children. Since 2003 Ibu Mul has been working as Head of the Social Rehabilitation Department of the local Government Social Department, where she is responsible for street children, sex workers, disabled (including deaf, dumb, blind and mentally disabled) children, beggars, homeless people, drug addicts and HIV & AIDS sufferers. Ibu Mul is the Secretary of Yayasan Gunungan and Head of the Orphanage.

3   Suratni

Ratni was born near Wonogiri, a small town approximately 30km south of Solo, Central Java. After completing High School, she came to Solo to find work so that she could pay for her little brother to go to school. She soon found work as an Assistant Manager at a local city hotel and, during this time, was able to put her brother through school as well as further her own education by attending a number of English language courses. Ratni is a highly motivated young woman and is now General Manager of O-Solo-Mio, a top city restaurant, and also Non-Executive Director of P.T. Absormatic Indonesia. Ratni is the Treasurer of Yayasan Gunungan.


1   Wahyu Dhaniati

Dhani has a Diploma in Secretarial Services and enjoys singing and outdoor adventure activities at Yayasan Gunungan, Dhani is in Accounting & Administration

2   Yohana Lestariningsih

Yo has a Diploma in Informatika Management and her hobbies are reading and using the computer. At Yayasan Gunungan Yo is the Computer Programmer and Webmaster and She also gives the children weekly computer lessons

3   Asih Kusumastuti

Asti has a Diploma in Nursing and her hobby is reading. Asti is a Care Giver in charge of Girls and the Household at the Children's Refuge

4   Anik Rustiyana

Anik also has a Diploma in Nursing and She enjoys listening music. Anik is a Care Giver in change of Girls and Education at The Children's Refuge

5   Simulyono

Simul himselft grew up in an orphanage in Solo. He is now happily married with one child. Simul is Care Giver in change of Boys and English Language Teacher at the Children's Refuge

6   Ibu Yayuk Sartini

Ibu Sartini is the cook at the Children's Refuge and her hobbies are tapestry sewing and cooking.

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