A Rehabilitation Center for Young Women.

In 2009 the Foundation established "Sehati" or "One Heart", a rehabilitation center for young women and children who are victims of commercial sexual exploitation, trafficking and abuse , to help rebuild their lives. Over 100 young women and children have since registered with Sehati.

The purpose of Sehati is to work at ground level, locating and building relationships with victims of sexual exploitation and abuse, then helping them each on an individual basis to climb out of their current situations and start rebuilding their lives.

To help accomplish its aims, Sehati's operations are split into two halves. The first half is the Social Work side, where field workers go out and locate the target groups. They then start to build trusting relationships and work with the young women and children to address the specific issues and problems relating to the individual. Each field worker has a client list who they work with and are responsible for from the first meeting until the time that the individual feels they no longer require support from Sehati.

Within the Social Work side, Sehati also plans to offer a free clinic for health checks and midwifery services, psychological counseling, legal rights service and a drop-in center where the women and young girls can relax and find support. Finally, this division will also be responsible for ongoing research, data collection, reporting results through varied media and advocacy work.

The second half recognizes that one of the main reasons for becoming a commercial sex worker is due to economical problems. To this end Sehati is running a number of vocational courses, including a sewing course, a hairdressing and beauty course, a cooking course, an English language course and a computer course, and most importantly, providing support right through to either finding full time employment, starting their own small business or working within one of Sehati's related businesses.

With these efforts, we intend to reach out and help those women and children who are in disadvantaged situations by providing them with proper care and rehabilitation, and most prominently, bringing them opportunities to improve their lives.

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