Children's Refuge
A Stable and Loving Home for Children in Most Need

On 9 July 2007 the Foundation opened its doors to the first children to stay at the orphanage. Seven children were welcomed in total, three boys and four girls. All arrived from difficult backgrounds; some had been homeless living on the street, some had been neglected by their families, some were from broken families and others from families simply unable to support them any more.

To date, 31 children have been taken in. All the children live in a safe and loving home where they are fed, clothed, cared for and schooled. They are also provided with personal and professional development activities, such as English language and computer lessons together with a variety of extra-curricula activities. The orphanage is not just a "bed for the night", but a place that helps to educate, equip and empower the children who live there to achieve their full potential.

The orphanage is headed by Ibu Sri Muljani who has over 26 years experience working in Orphanages and for most of that time was Head of the Government Orphanage in Solo City , with responsibility for 50 children. Since 2003 Ibu Sri Muljani had been working as Head of the Social Rehabilitation Division of the local Government Social Department, where she was responsible for street children, sex workers, disabled children, beggars, homeless people, drug addicts and HIV & AIDS sufferers. Ibu Sri Muljani's rich experience in humanitarian work is key to help the children at the refuge build self discipline and self confidence, and learn to become independent.

Through the years, we have seen a number of children grow up and start a new chapter in their lives. Some are pursuing tertiary education, while some have already started their working careers . We are proud of all their achievements. In the meantime, the refuge continues to accept new children who are in need of care and protection.

With an increasing number of members in the refuge, we are constantly striving to provide the children with improved facilities and a better place to live and study. We are committed to further enhancing our contribution towards the support and wellbeing of many more of the local disadvantaged children in Solo and the surrounding area.

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