1   In a Nutshell

The Foundation will build and operate a Relief Complex in Solo, Central Java, Indonesia.

The main building at the complex will be an orphanage providing a home for 100 homeless children.

Additional buildings will act as support to the orphanage's activities, including a school and work training facilities, and widen the target of support to distressed women and neglected elderly people.

The Foundation will be active in the community, providing counselling and support at a grassroots level, while working with government departments and charitable organisations to improve the level of legal and social support for human rights, humanitarian and social issues.

2   Vision

  Relief from suffering for those in most distress and hardship,
that they may have the opportunity to develop
and live fulfilling and worthwhile lives.

3   Mission Statement

1.    To care for, support and educate those suffering the worst hardship and distress as a result of local, national or international disaster or by reason of social, personal or economic circumstances

The groups identified as being in greatest need of support are:

·         Orphans and Neglected Children,

·         Child Prostitutes,

·         Neglected Senior Citizens and

·         Destitute Families

This will be achieved through provision of residential, educational, vocational, counselling and personal development facilities at a grassroots level.

2.      To work with government departments and charitable organisations to help:

·         Eliminate commercial sexual exploitation, the sale and trafficking of children and child abuse,

·         Improve the level of legal and social support for human rights, humanitarian and social issues,

3.      To provide opportunities for personal development by establishing facilities for direct international interaction, mutual learning and understanding, with the goal of helping to create a more balanced and peaceful world.

4   To Help Relieve Suffering

The principal policy of the Foundation is to help, where possible, anyone who suffers hardship and distress, regardless of religion, nationality, race, class, age or circumstances. Help shall be offered rather than imposed and provided freely with absolute integrity and intention of selfless compassionate service.

5   Guiding Principles

The Foundation advocates the importance of :

  • compassion for others,
  • a healthy and moral existence,
  • living with awareness, and
  • development

As a result, these guiding principles will be installed into the central character of the Foundation and all its activities.

The Foundation recognizes that humanity is in a constant state of learning and development. Therefore to provide the best possible service, the Foundation must also not be static in its thinking and approach but must strive constantly to develop and improve in every way possible. The Foundation will establish a library, where research into a wide variety of different cultures will be undertaken to identify, bring together and establish in one place the life knowledge and wisdom most closely related to these principles.

6   Personal Development

The Foundation's Residential Complex will not just be a ‘bed for the night', but a place that helps to develop and empower members with the aim of setting them up with a strong foundation for the best chance in life possible. Helping them to help themselves and become free-thinkers, by offering unbiased education so they can make their own choices leading to a more fulfilling and worthwhile life.

The Foundation believes that many problems in the world, such as religious intolerance, racism, destruction of the environment etc., are a basic result of human fear and ignorance.

Through a broad education and direct interaction between people of different nations, one would hope that humanity can grow to become more open-minded and compassionate, and less prejudiced and self-centered.

7     Activities

Activities will begin by renting a suitable property to function as a temporary orphanage. Once operations are established at these premises, land will be purchased and building work on a new orphanage, with capacity to home 100 children, will commence. The new orphanage will then be developed to extend the services provided from basic housing to include schooling, work training, personal development activities and home industry projects. Also the target population to receive aid will be extended and facilities will be provided for ex-prostitutes, neglected senior citizens and destitute families.

Ø      Indonesian Foundation
  Δ   Residential Complex
    o   Orphanage
      §  Small Farm
      §  School & Library
      §  Work Training Facilities
      §  Personal Development Activities
      §  Home Industry Projects
    o    Distressed Women's House
    o    Senior Citizens' Home
    o    Small Hotel with Tour & Travel Business
  Δ   Mobile Activities
    o    Counselling
    o    Intermediary Work
    o    Small Business Support
Ø      UK Foundation
  Δ   Fundraising Activities
    o    Apply for Grants and Donations
    o    Charity Shop
    o    Online Trading
    o    Marketing Tour & Travel Business
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