A Social Enterprise for the Local Community

The idea of the Charity Shop is based around the many such shops which have already existed for some time in the West. Goods are donated to the shop by the local community and individuals, to be sold to help raise funds and awareness for social projects in the area.

The Charity Shop opened on 14 May 2007, with a wide range of items for sale from rattan and wooden furniture to handicrafts, paintings and bird cages. All the profits from the shop are donated to the charitable activities of the organisation. Since beginning the project has provided a total of more than US$12,000 for the organisation.

The shop also functions to provide work training and experience to disadvantaged young people, where they can earn a regular salary, learn a skill and gain work experience, as well as build self respect and confidence.

The Foundation extends many grateful thanks to all existing and future partners in this project. We will continue to develop and strengthen this social enterprise program to enable us to bring additional benefits to the local community as a whole.
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