Bidding Farewell to Vina, Ning, Mira and Uki.

On October 1 (Saturday), a farewell party was held at the Gunungan Children's Refuge for four children - Vina, Ning, Mira and Uki. After several years living in the centre, they are now ready to start a new chapter in their lives.

Amongst them, Ning is the one who lived in the centre for the longest period of time. In fact, she was one of the first seven children who came to live in the Gunungan Children's Refuge when it was founded in 2007. As soon as she graduated senior high school a few months ago, she started working in a massage therapy centre. Vina and Mira have also started their jobs in a home furniture shop and a restaurant respectively, while Uki is currently looking for a better job following a brief experience at an electronics shop.

At the ceremony, Vina, Ning, Mira and Uki expressed their gratitude to the Gunungan Children's Refuge and shared how excited they are about their new life adventure. They encouraged the other children at the centre to study hard for a bright future. A photo album was presented to each of them by the children at the centre as a farewell souvenir to recall the many wonderful memories that they had together.

This was followed by a few words of encouragement by Ibu Muljani, Head of Gunungan Children's Refuge, who asked the four children to continue to be a role model to inspire the children at the centre to build discipline and self confidence even though they no longer live under the same roof now. Concluding the ceremony, Stephen Smith, Founder and President of Yayasan Gunungan, wished Vina, Ning, Mira and Uki all the best and every success in the future.
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